Bazzill Cardstock

Bazzill Cardstock

As of May 2021 All Bazzill stock will be on SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. 

Any stock that we currently have will be sold as normal but when stocks are depleted the colour will move to the Special Order Catagory,

This will effect you in two ways. One is there will now be a waiting time of approx 2-4 weeks for stock to arrive in our more regular shipments and Two this also means there will be much more variety available to you.
Please see Special Order Categories for more info on each range.

Wholesale Bazzill Basics Paper - As the Australian distributor and supplier of Bazzill Basics Paper we are proud to bring you many different colours and textures of 12x12 Cardstock. We have sold this popular range of card into the craft and scrapbook industry since its inception 20 years ago. 

The Substitute colour that is mentioned on some means we have a similar colour in our DownUnder Direct Range that is a close match.
(All our DownUnder Direct Cardstock is stocked ready for immediate dispatch)


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