Bazzill CANVAS MONO Cardstock

Bazzill CANVAS MONO Cardstock

All cardstock is 12x12 size, 216 gsm and has a Linen/Canvas texture 
If your order comprises of qtys other than 25 lot increments we will have to alter your qtys prior to dispatch as all stock is pre wrapped. 
Note: Freight is calculated on final weight and pricing will be added to your order when it is picked. 

Please order in packs of 25’s only.

If you wish to order more than 25 simply write 50, 75,100 etc in the amount in the qty box 

23.6.20 - Due to exorbitant increases in freight costs from the USA imposed on us by various freight companies during this time we have been left with no choice but to increase the prices of all Bazzill Cardstock once again. We sincerely apologise for what is now the hardest and heaviest increases of all time but as you can appreciate all is out of our control. We thought hard and long about the future of this product and we were left with not a lot of choices.



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